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Making something good differently will usually get much attention from others. If you are looking something different to do in your wedding day, having a retro wedding will be a good idea.

Your big day will be incredibly fun and nobody will forget it. The bright colors and quirky details used in the retro wedding will make you to have such great moment.

Sweets For The Retro Weddings

Retro Wedding Candy Bar
Retro Wedding Candy Bar

Having lots of sweets around your wedding venue is something you must provide since retro weddings are all about having fun. So, bring out your inner child when you plan your wedding and having lots of sweets is a good idea.

Sweets are becoming more and more popular, from pix and mix bars to big jars of marshmallows, so make sure you get plenty of bright sweets and if you want to go a step further you can try to hire an ice cream van and I am sure that everyone will really enjoy it.

The Wedding Flowers

To arrive a retro sense of your wedding flowers you must keep as bright and colorful as possible. You can choose a color palette of vibrant oranges, purples, hot pinks and lime green.

Gerberas coming in a variety of bright colors such as pink will be a perfect for retro weddings. You can try also Gloriosa flowers with an orange tip for a slight touch of elegance. For adding bursts of lime green into your bouquets, Shamrock is a great idea.

Retro Wedding Cakes

You will probably have no difficulty to find the right retro wedding cakes since cakes are becoming quirkier everyday. A traditional, tiered cake with colorful icing and quirky decorations will be very exciting to be served.

You may also try to serve cupcakes with brightly colored frosting or patterned icing and piles of muffins. If you want to have something different for your retro wedding, you can try Cakepops. An incredibly, quirky, and small cake which is made to look like lollipops.

Retro Wedding Centerpieces And Decorations

For your wedding decorations or centerpieces, you can use sweet jars. Just find lovely or unique vases and fill them with a certain sweets ready for your guests to pick at.

Some retro trinkets such as cute jewelry boxes or old fashioned tea sets and balloons are also good ideas for retro weddings.

Retro Wedding Dresses

The most essential to think to create a retro outlook on your wedding is probably the wedding dresses. Short wedding dresses are great for retro weddings.

The brides having small hips will look nice with different skirts like bubble-hem dresses. Brides with wider hips can still play around with types of skirts and hemlines. A dress like “Isabella” by Coast with a quirky long drape on the skirt and a cute black bow detail on the waistline will a nice choice to try.

Retro Wedding Shoes

If you are going to wear a traditional wedding dress, you have to make sure to wear the right shoes and accessories to create the right look. Bright shoes are great for making any white dress like a pair of pretty red shoes.

Or why not turn to one of the queens of quirky-Vivienne Westwood. The Vivienne Westwood for Melissa range is perfect for a retro wedding.

Retro Hairstyles and Make-up

Keeping your hair pretty simple and trying pinning your hair into tight curls to create the ‘pin-up’ girl outlook or putting your hair up into a beehive style with lots of volume.

The most classic look to go for when doing your wedding make up is the 1950’s ‘pin-up’ look-so get your eyelashes fluttering with some false eyelashes, line your top lid and show off your lips in some red lipstick.

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