How to Arrive Romantic Atmosphere On Your Wedding Day

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Having an unforgettable wedding day is the dream of everyone. You can make it come true by arriving a romantic atmosphere in your wedding, a classically beautiful day that will always be remembered by everybody due to its perfectness.

Wedding Flowers

Starting your romantic taste from the flowers. Nothing says romance more than red flowers. You get the romance by having a great deal of deep reds in your bouquet. Grand Prix Roses are regarded as the classic type of flower to be used for romantic weddings.

Red Amaryllis Wedding Bouquet
Red Amaryllis Wedding Bouquet

Just convince yourself to include many of these gorgeous and stunning roses in your bouquet arrangements. It will be also a good idea to make variety of sizes by adding in a few rosebuds in red and white. For some other colors, you can try to add some purple Lisianthuses and for a different shape you can try some Amaryllis flowers in red. You can ask your florist to spray some petals and leaves gold if you wanna experiment with some more colors.

Wedding Cakes

Classic wedding cakes have a similarity with romantic wedding cakes. They usually come in white, icing, frosting or marzipan with a few tiers and are delicately decorated. You can enhance the romantic sense by having some red flowers made from icing or marzipan with the deep red theme and adding a few roses to the cakes to make them look more beautiful.

Having cupcakes instead of one whole cake adorned with the details such as edible butterflies to add romantic touch to the cupcakes is an idea that you can try as well.

Wedding Decorations

Another important thing to do to create a romantic wedding is decorating venue by adding a small arrangement of flowers as the wedding centerpieces. You can make it simple by just having a few Grand Prix Roses or some Amaryllises in a vase that can instantly transform the room.

The trick is the deeper the color of the flowers, the less you should have. It is because the darker colors tend to be more powerful than lighter ones. The conclusion is that if you do not want to have many floral within your centerpieces, you can try to lighter colors or add some ivory flowers to brighten up the arrangement.

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