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What will be the tendency of wedding ring in 2011 is wedding rings which are adorned with some motifs and tones describing flexibility. The tones used are the strong tones describing courage till the use of intricate carved-motifs on the pattern of Celtic. This ring is very ideal for those who do not want to use gemstones, diamonds or other precious stones.

celtic wedding ring for 2011

celtic wedding ring for 2011

Another tendency is the combination of two metals with different colors such as gold and white gold in order to give more lure and modern style of a wedding ring. The combination of two or more colors will create the artistic and simple impression for a wedding ring with motifs or without motifs. Wedding rings with sculpture at the top and ring body will also become popular because they create the feel of a simple and attractive style.

celtic diamond wedding rings for 2011celtic diamond wedding rings for 2011

Wedding rings with carved motifs often use a strong metal such as gold, palladium, white gold and platinum winding between a thin strip but strong from the metal having contrastive color. Plain wedding rings will be the favorite in 2011, because the beauty of their sparkles. A plain wedding ring will focus on metal, not the motifs or the existence of patterns of precious stones, which allow you and others to appreciate the beauty of metal.

white gold wedding rings for 2011white gold wedding rings for 2011
gold wedding rings for 2011gold wedding rings for 2011

In addition, a plain wedding ring can be changed with your unique style as a couple, allowing you to create a personal sensation in the procession of ring exchange.

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