Getting Stunning with Lace Wedding Bolero

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If you want to look different with your wedding dress, you can accessorize it with a lace wedding bolero. Boleros will not only flatter different body types, but they also will work well with a variety of wedding themes. Whatever your wedding theme is, boleros go harmoniously with it.

lace wedding boleros

white lace wedding boleros jacket

custom lace bridal wedding bolero jacketcustom lace bridal wedding bolero jacket

A bolero is actually a short jacket that is open in the front. Commonly, a bolero jacket will cover only the upper torso, shoulders, and arms, leaving the waist and hips uncovered. The cropped shape of a bolero jacket can help emphasize the waist by reducing fabric bulk around this area, and can also help create or enhance an hourglass silhouette. Silk, satin, and velvet are all excellent fabrics that will help a bolero dress up an outfit. The brides usually wear wedding bolero jackets at formal weddings. The jackets are usually made from satin, lace, or even fur. Boleros are similar to shrugs and are commonly worn instead of shawls or sweaters.

short sleeve lace bridal wedding bolero jacketshort sleeve lace bridal wedding bolero jacket

Brides planning ahead for a wedding where weather may be unpredictable may do well to order a bolero jacket that matches a sleeveless or halter gown. In addition to providing a hint of warmth should the weather turn chilly, these garments are also excellent for covering up arms to preserve modesty during a formal or church service. A bridal bolero jacket can be an excellent accessory to a wedding dress, allowing an opportunity for detailing or contrasting embroidery. Additionally, a bridal bolero can be worn separately from the dress, perfect for slipping on at anniversary celebrations as a reminder of the wedding day.

long sleeve lace bridal wedding boleroslong sleeve lace bridal wedding boleros

white short sleeve bridal lace wedding bolero jacket shrugwhite short sleeve bridal lace wedding bolero jacket shrug

Boleros are designed to be worn over the wedding gown, so are most often used to complement a strapless dress or one with spaghetti straps. Heavily beaded gowns work better with sheer lace boleros, so the dress is not overpowered. Simple wedding dresses can be accented by an extensively adorned bolero and look wonderful.

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