12 Delightful Castle Wedding Cake Models

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Cinderella Wedding Cake
Cinderella Wedding Cake

It is very important to choose a design of castle wedding cake having the best look. Knowing the details of the cake well in advance is also very essential in order that you will have back-up plans in case something unwanted happens with your cake.

If you want to know what exactly you wedding cake will look like, you can know it by shopping around and seeing examples from various decorators before you choose the one.

Having a nice wedding cake design is as important as having a delightful wedding cake taste. A charming castle wedding cake model will be able to make the guests impressed, but if the finished product doesn’t taste good, it may not leave the best impression.

Fairytale Wedding Cake With Fresh Flowers
Fairy-tale Wedding Cake With Fresh Flowers. Courtesy of Bride Story

Therefore, it is essentially needed to taste samples before picking a baker so that you know you are getting the best quality you want. Castle wedding cake comes with some models such as real-life model, sheet castle and fairy-tale wedding cakes.

Real Life Model

Couples who have been backpacking through Europe or shared sentimental trips to real-life castles can explore the possibility of finding a decorator who will replicate an existing castle with cake.

Depending on the amount of detail involved, this option could be one of the priciest, but it’s also likely to become a choice that the couple will never regret.

Sheet Castle Model

A castle made from sheet cake is an affordable choice that feeds a lot of guests and still looks magnificent. To do it, a decorator will simply stack extra cake around the edges of the dessert or build stiff frosting “walls” that he or she can mold to look like castle architecture. A sheet cake castle might also feature a fun moat or drawbridge design in front.

Fairy-tale Model

Decorated to look just like a castle that might appear in a fairy-tale adventure, this type of cake is usually decorated with fondant that’s textured or painted to resemble smooth marble or rough stone tiles. It could include creative details such as parapets, a flying dragon, or a prince and princess wedding cake topper.

White Castle Wedding Cake With Ribbon
White Castle Wedding Cake With Ribbon. Courtesy of Cake Central
Castle Wedding Cake With Fake White Flowers
Castle Wedding Cake With Fake White Flowers. Courtesy of Wedding Venues
Beauty And The Beast Fairytale Castle Cake
Beauty And The Beast Fairy-tale Castle Cake. Courtesy of De Milked
Three Tiered Castle Wedding Cake
Three Tiered Castle Wedding Cake. Courtesy of Flickr
3 Tiered Castle White Wedding Cake
3 Tiered Castle White Wedding Cake. Courtesy of Le Novelle Cake

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