Fresh Sunflowers to Adorn Wedding Cakes

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You will have the most stunning effect on your wedding cakes by adding fresh sunflowers to adorn them. The brightness of fresh sunflowers is almost unparalleled in the flower world. And their size makes any cake that uses them an automatic attention-grabber.

fresh sunflower wedding cake
fresh sunflower wedding cake

fresh sunflower wedding cakesfresh sunflower wedding cakes

What you have to remember if you want to use fresh sunflowers on your cake is that you will have pay for them. It is specially if your wedding is during the off season and the flowers have to be shipped from somewhere far away. The more flowers you want to have, the pricier the total will be. Another thing to remember is the logistical concerns with using fresh flowers on your wedding cakes. You need to keep the flowers being in relatively cool environment to survive and stay vibrant. It means that you won’t be able to set them up on the cake too far in advance if you don’t have a method of refrigeration to use until right before the reception.

four tiers fresh sunflower wedding cakefour tiers fresh sunflower wedding cake

You also have to remember that fresh flowers won’t last for longer than a day or two in advance of the wedding though you have kept them in storage. So, if your sunflowers arrive at the last minute and there is a problem with them, you will need to have a backup plan in place.

fresh sunflower castle wedding cakefresh sunflower castle wedding cake

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