Ideas for Christmas Wedding Dresses

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A wide range of details is available to arrive beautiful and elegant wedding gowns. A unique and memorable Christmas wedding gown is wanted by every bride. And there are many details of wedding dress design that can be suited to a Christmas wedding gown. Here are some of the details of wedding dress for a Christmas gown.

white christmas wedding dresses

white Christmas wedding dresses

white christmas winter wedding dresswhite Christmas winter wedding dress

The fabric of a Christmas dress should be warm, luxurious and elegant. The most popular holiday fabrics are velvet, velor, brocade and matte satin. And many Christmas wedding dresses are trimmed in faux fur or feathers for an extra touch. The right color choice of Christmas wedding gown is very decisive.

White is still the favorite color. It is the most popular color for a holiday wedding gown. But off-white shades may not be as suitable if they clash with the sparkling white winter setting. The brides who are interested in colored wedding dresses often opt for a rich ruby, burgundy or emerald gown instead. A white dress is able to have a bit of holiday color with accents in red, green, silver, gold or ice blue.

christmas bridal wedding dressChristmas bridal wedding dress

Longer gowns become most popular for Christmas weddings due to their warmth and elegance. A floor length gown may not be the best choice for walking over snowy or icy surfaces, however, and many brides choose a high-low hem that is ankle length in the front but swoops into a stately train.

pink christmas wedding dresspink Christmas wedding dress

Another important detail is decorations. Decorations on Christmas dresses can vary. Crystal beaded patterns are popular and give the gown an icy glitter, while soft pearl accents are a more subtle and romantic choice. Beading in snowflake or geometric star-burst patterns is especially suitable, or custom beading in a poinsettia shape can be arranged for a personalized Christmas gown. via

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