Stunning Wedding Votive Candles Ideas

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Give a memorable impression of wedding favor gift to your guests with wedding votive candles. With their inexpensive price, nice look, and functionality since they are something friends and family can use over and over again, wedding votive candles would be an ideal bridal favor gift for your guests. There are many ideas to make your own wedding votive candles and to adorn them to be more beautiful, unique and memorable.

wedding votive candles

wedding votive candles

You can wrap small votive glass holders in a thin parchment paper having a nice printed design on it. And when the candle is lit, it will shine through the paper and highlight the design. Another creative option that may take a bit more work is by buying small clay flower pots and paint them in your wedding colors. Then you can seal with an acrylic sealer inside and out and drop in your candle.

personalized wedding votive candlespersonalized wedding votive candles

If you find many baby food jars, you can recycle them into attractive holders. The first thing, clean them thoroughly, hot glue some ribbon or raffia around the ridged opening of the jar and tie into a bow. After that you can pour in Pour in about a half inch of colored decorative sand, small pebbles or small shells. Finally, nestle the votive on top for a pretty themed favor.

personalized wedding frosted votive candle favorspersonalized wedding frosted votive candle favors

wedding votive candles holderwedding votive candles holder

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