Traditional and Unique Wedding Favors Ideas

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Wedding favors come with various ideas to select, from traditional candies to unique themed wedding favors. They are a wonderful way to express our gratefulness to the guests coming to our wedding.

traditional beach wedding favors

traditional beach wedding favors

personalized traditional wedding favorspersonalized traditional wedding favors

Traditional wedding favors come in a wide range of choice. Some items such as matchbooks with the couple’s names and wedding date, small bags or tins of candies/mints, or small bags of almonds or nuts are some examples of the more traditional wedding favors. And more traditional wedding favors come with some ideas like being dressed up in original ways to compliment the theme and/or d├ęcor of the wedding and personalized with your names and a message or phrase.

unique wedding favorsunique wedding favors

unique and attractive wedding favorsunique and attractive wedding favors

Unique wedding favors become more liked by many brides today. The they enjoy choosing favors match their wedding and are memorable for their guests. There are many unique wedding favors to choose that are available for purchase. Some of them are custom-wrapped chocolate bars, gourmet coffees, personalized packages of flower seeds and photo mini-albums. Whatever you decide are the right wedding favors for you, your guests are sure to have a special memory of your wedding day as a result.

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