Unique Wedding Souvenirs

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Unique wedding souvenirs are most looked for by people. Giving unique, interesting and long lasting wedding souvenirs will certainly be remembered by the quests. Here are some wedding souvenirs ideas created and designed uniquely to inspire you.

unique wedding souvenir
unique wedding souvenir

unique wedding calendarunique wedding calendar

Wedding souvenirs like a calendar is ordinary, but if you choose eternal calendar as a memento, of course, will always be remembered and be everlasting. An everlasting calendar only has the date and the month so that it can be used though the year passes by. You can choose an everlasting calendar invitation made of wood or other materials and decorate it with a miniature of the bride and groom or your name and your partner. Most importantly, it will be a useful souvenir for the guests invited.

unique jewelry boxes for wedding souvenirsunique jewelry boxes for wedding souvenirs

Wedding souvenirs such as jewelry boxes will definitely be favored by the women and will be a beautiful gift from the male to his lover or somebody special in his life. No matter how graceful or tomboyish the female is, she must have some valuable jewelry that needs to be kept better. And this jewelry box would be useful.

unique cookie jar for wedding souvenirunique cookie jar for wedding souvenir

You do not need to choose an expensive wedding souvenir, provided that it is useful though it’s cheap, it would be more memorable. You can opt for a cookie jar. You can choose a cute cookie jar or try to decorate an ordinary cookie jar to be interesting. You can do it by adding ribbon or patch. Today, a cookie jar has become a trend because it has a lot of sizes and of course it is useful as well.

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