Beautiful Wedding Dress Sleeves

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In the previous post, you can see some common wedding dress sleeves with some images or photos for each type of wedding dress sleeve. There are still some other beautiful dress sleeves for your inspirations to consider when choosing wedding dresses.

wedding dress balloon sleeve

balloon sleeve wedding dress

Balloon wedding dress sleeve is fabulous for a bit of drama. This sleeve comes with full and balloon-shaped over the upper arm, then it narrows from the elbow to wrist. If you are the brides having a large bust and broad shoulders, you have to make sure that your neckline is low-cut and simple.

wedding dress poet sleevepoet sleeve wedding dress

Poet is a beautifully romantic sleeve. This type works very well with floaty-type dresses. This sleeve is wide and gathered at the shoulder. It continues from the shoulder to wrist, where it is gathered again or tapered.

long sleeve wedding dresslong sleeve wedding dress

illusion sleeve wedding dressillusion sleeve wedding dress

Long or illusion is a long sleeve that covers the whole arm. It is made of sheer fabric so that you do not feel too covered up and there is a hint of glamor too. You can try a long/illusion style sleeve if you don’t like bearing your arms.

bell sleeve wedding dressbell sleeve wedding dress

Bell is a really flattering sleeve design. It is narrow at the shoulder and it gets wider at the end which is like the bell-bottomed shaped flares from seventies. The bell sleeve can be as long or as short as you want so that it can stop at the top of the arm, the elbow or wrist.

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