Elegant Types of Wedding Dress Sleeves

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Wedding dress sleeves have many types. Each comes with its excellencies and exactness for the brides. By knowing well what the most appropriate type will suit with us, a bride will be able to look very elegant and beautiful. Among the most common types of wedding dress sleeves are cap, petal, t-shirt, Juliet, balloon, poet, long/illusion and bell.

elegant lace wedding dress sleeve
elegant lace wedding dress sleeve

Petal is a very pretty but subtle sleeve design. It is a kind of a short sleeve which criss-crosses over the top of the arm. Another popular name of this is the tulip sleeve. Petal is very great for all arm shapes and sizes. It really works with simple and modern dress designs.

vintage wedding dresses with petal sleeve vintage wedding dresses with petal sleeve

T-shirt is just like a T-shirt sleeve. It ends halfway between the elbow and the shoulder. T-shirt is a very simple design which is great if you wish a bit of a cover up.

wedding dress with T-shirt sleeve wedding dress with T-shirt sleeve

Juliet sleeve is great for big, frilly or period-style wedding dresses. If you are a bride having large arms, you need to be careful with sleeve and the rest of the dresses since it can make you look very broad on top. Juliet is a traditional wedding dress sleeve. It is puffed at the shoulder then becomes fitted around the arm.

wedding dress with juliet sleevewedding dress with Juliet sleeve

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