Understanding and Knowing Wedding Dress Shapes

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There are lots of things to consider when looking for or buying a wedding dress. To get a dream wedding dress, a bride must pay her great attention to the essential things attached to the dress. One of the essentials is the importance of understanding and knowing the wedding dress shapes. Here is a guide to dress shapes.

Ball Gown Wedding Dress Shape

wedding dress with ball gown shape

wedding dress with ball gown shape

This is your typical wedding dress shape – the stuff of fairy tales! It has a fitted bodice, a natural waistline (i.e. sits on your waist or a bit lower) and a full, floor-length skirt.  Style tip: The ball gown shape is great if you want to add curves and create a fuller bust.

Column Wedding Dress Shape

wedding dress with column shapewedding dress with column shape

A really stylish cut. As the name suggests the basic shape is like a column, so it goes straight up and down and gently nips in to fit the body. It’s a very versatile dress shape that with the right styling can suit any body shape.  Style tip: If you’re going for a column wedding dress shape go for all out glamor with your accessories.

A-Line Wedding Dress Shape

wedding dress with a-line shapewedding dress with a-line shape

As the name suggests the A-line dress shape flares out from the waist or hips into the shape of an A. It’s usually quite a structured, stiff style – so it’s great in stiffer fabrics rather than floaty silks and chiffon. It’s also a great style for pear shapes as it hides and minimizes big bums and wide hips.  Style tip: If you’re going for an A-line style choose your top half carefully as a plain style on top with an A-line skirt can make you look flat-chested. Also, if you’re short be careful of a floor length A-line skirt as it could make you look shorter.

Empire Line Wedding Dress Shape

wedding dress with empire line shapewedding dress with empire line shape

A soft, romantic dress shape the empire line dress is either fitted or gathered under the bust and then unstructured and falls from the bust line. This is a great shape for every woman and really good for showing off a cleavage – even if you don’t think you have one! Although if you have a really big bust go for a minimizing bra underneath. Style tip: Consider your accessories and hairstyle carefully, these can set the style of the dress and make it vintage, modern or traditional.

Mermaid Wedding Dress Shape

wedding dress with mermaid shapewedding dress with mermaid shape

Many people will say that a mermaid style wedding dress is just for really slim girls, well, we’re here to tell you that that’s a load of rubbish! The mermaid style is one of the most elegant cuts and can be really flattering. Usually off the shoulder the dress is fitted from the bust down to around the knees where is flares out like a fishtail. The key is getting the neckline right and making sure that the curve on the waist and hips is just right. Style tip: As always great underwear is an absolute must and a really good bra so that your boobs are lifted can do wonders for the mermaid shape dress.

Bias Cut Wedding Dress Shape

wedding dress with bias shapewedding dress with bias shape

OK, let’s not get too complex here, but a bias cut dress is made from fabric that is cut vertically across the weave of the fabric. This makes a dress or a skirt cut this way drape softly around the body and gives the item of clothing a tapered look. It’s a really beautiful technique and works really well with satins and silks. Style tip: If you’re curvy be careful with this style and wear great underwear, and if you’re pear shaped this cut is often best avoided – although with a wedding dress it depends on what the top of the dress is like.[via]

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