Understanding Wedding Dress Embellishments

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Wedding dress look will be more beautiful and elegant with the exact embellishments put on it. Since choosing the right embellishment is not easy and even tricky because of the numerous choices, why not try to get understanding of each wedding dress embellishment. Here is a quick guide to the commonest wedding dress embellishments.

flower applique wedding dress

flower applique wedding dress

Applique is simply cut out pieces of fabric which are often cut into pattern or shapes such as flowers, ribbons or foliage and then stitched or embroidered onto a gown. They are often raised or textured to add more interest and can be in a contrasting fabric or color.

beading wedding dressesbeading wedding dresses

Beading can be across large areas or very delicate and subtle. Glass, crystal, gems or other material, sewn onto lace or fabric are simply all types of beads. The pattern can be random or structured, such as a line of beads around the neckline.

swarovski crystal wedding dressesswarovski crystal wedding dresses

Crystals are very similar to beads except true crystals are either made of glass or clear mineral rock. They are more expensive than beads, usually but are often shinier and more hard-wearing – and very sparkly!

beautiful ivory embroidered wedding dressbeautiful ivory embroidered wedding dress

Embroidery is patterns, sections or shapes on the dress that have been created just by thread. Sometimes this is done by hand, but that’s very expensive, other times it is done my machine. It’s a good embellishment if you want to add subtle accents of color or texture.

pink wedding dress with sequinspink wedding dress with sequins

If you want sparkle, get some sequins! They are metallic plastic discs in a huge variety of colors, finishes and shapes and can add that extra special dazzle to a dress – the only thing to remember is not to go overboard because too much can look tacky. [via]

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