Wedding Dress Fabrics – Part Two

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It is true that the fabric of wedding dress is as important as the style of the wedding dress itself. It was stated in the previous post some of the common wedding dress fabrics. Here are some others for your more understanding of them.


tulle wedding dress

tulle wedding dress

embroidered silver tulle wedding dressembroidered silver tulle wedding dress

Tulle is a very fine net that is slightly stiffer than chiffon or organza but it looks looser than netting. It is made from silk or silk mix. Tulle wedding dresses are good to wear all year around, both structured and loose style dresses, full skirts, veils and trains.


strapless chiffon wedding dresses with chapel trainstrapless chiffon wedding dresses with chapel train

strapless chiffon wedding dress with court trainstrapless chiffon wedding dress with court train

Chiffon is regarded as a real classic wedding fabric. It is very fine, sheer fabric with a nice finish. It drapes beautifully and works very well as sleeves, cut out sections on a full skirt or over shoulders. Chiffon is made from silk, silk mix or man-made materials. Chiffon wedding dresses are great to wear all year around. Chiffon is best for layers, veils, full skirts, overlays and sleeves.

Italian Satin

strapless Italian satin wedding dress with sweep trainstrapless Italian satin wedding dress with sweep train

strapless embroidered Italian satin wedding dressstrapless embroidered Italian satin wedding dress

Italian satin strapless embroidered wedding dressItalian satin strapless embroidered wedding dress

Italian satin is a man-made fabric blending silk with other fibers. It is very great fabric due its beauty and versatility. This fabric is great for lots of shapes and dress styles. It also comes with a beautiful finish. It is smooth and can be quite thick with sheen on one side. Italian satin is made from a blend of silk and satin and other man-made fibers. Italian satin wedding dresses are best for all year round wear and will go stunningly with any style and dress shape.


crepe white wedding dresscrepe white wedding dress

crepe embroidered wedding dresscrepe embroidered wedding dress

full skirt crepe wedding dressfull skirt crepe wedding dress

It is a blend of silk and man-made fibers such as acetate and rayon with crinkled or grained in texture. Crepe wedding dresses are best for all year around wear and good for full skirts and loose styles.


black velvet wedding dressblack velvet wedding dress

velvet winter wedding dressvelvet winter wedding dress

v-neck velvet wedding dressv-neck velvet wedding dress

Velvet arrives in a variety of thickness and weights that will enable those who love velvet to have a wide choice of dress. It comes in thick, luxurious and rich or fine and embossed or patterned quality. velvet is made from cotton, silk or man-made fibers. Velvet wedding dress go best for all year around wear and the thick velvet wedding dress is best in the cooler months. Velvet is also good for structured and loose dresses, bodices, skirts, sleeves and overlays.

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