Wedding Dress Waistline Styles

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Everybody knows where the waistline on the body is. But not all know where the waistline of wedding dress is. In wedding dress terms, the waistline of the wedding dress is the horizontal seam joining the bodice and skirt.

natural waistline wedding dresses

natural waistline wedding dress

basque waistline wedding dressbasque waistline wedding dress

Wedding dress waistline plays a big part in the design of the dress and alters the body shape. Though it might seem like an insignificant part of the dress, knowing the dress waistline is very essential to get the best design of the wedding dress. Among the waistlines are natural, basque, asymmetrical, dropped, and empire waistlines. And take a look at here the wedding dress waistlines for more understanding.

asymmetrical waistline wedding dressasymmetrical waistline wedding dress

dropped waistline wedding dressdropped waistline wedding dress

empire waistline wedding dressesempire waistline wedding dress

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