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Traditional bridesmaids are about matching dresses, all alike, all with the same pattern. But nowadays it is all about fashion on regards of their presence so that it counts a lot how a specific dress type looks on the one that wears it.

nicole miller bridesmaid dresses

nicole miller bridesmaid dresses

nicole miller strapless bridesmaid dressesnicole miller strapless bridesmaid dresses

Not only that a bride tries to create a complete image for herself along the bridesmaids, but the desire to gain uniqueness and sense of perfection are met for the whole planning idea. As much as one sees as more confused in its decision it will be. And moreover as you see the common images, the usually always met to most of the weddings dresses types you tend to like and want a more modern vision. This is on what Nicole Miller bridesmaid dresses count.

nicole miller strapless bridesmaid dressnicole miller strapless bridesmaid dress

First of all, Nicole Miller has no strict and selective category for bridesmaid dresses exclusively. It has indeed a special category for brides and the rest of the collection contains casual dresses for any occasion. Maybe this is the first sign to start thinking that your bridesmaids are not just an image to your wedding, not models but guests either and so choose for them something more light as style and more with an accent on the tendencies, not on a thematic wedding idea.

nicole miller green bridesmaid dressnicole miller green bridesmaid dress

Even though not concretely existing under this name then what Nicole Miller creations can be bridesmaid dresses? I shall make a selection among the offers, as to present you the options, the more appropriate ones as for the girls in this posture. For a formal wedding, for a classy, elegant and sober at the same time bridesmaid view one can choose a dress from silk and combined with spandex: long dress, straight line from top to bottom, square neckline.

The whole dress look is tight and simple as design, just the interesting and attractive top part makes the whole magic effect: it is sleeveless, with top shoulders part straps and an arch decoupage at the back side. Going further, another long dress can be the option. This time it s about a strapless corset, sweetheart neckline, pleated top part, one side overlapped and in the front meeting and creating a flowy wavy line.

nicole miller short bridesmaid dressnicole miller short bridesmaid dress

The same seductive look is preserved for others two examples: one side strap, empire waist dress, pleated top part, long straight skirt. Or, V neckline with a deep cut lower than breast middle part, with even lower cut at the back, long flowy sash at the waist, alike the skirt style too. Not on the last row there are shorter dresses, each one with its charming look. For example, asymmetrical straps, V neckline, tight dress, with ruffled style in a line passing over one side dress. And this is just a part of what one can choose among.[via]

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