Some Facts on 2011 Versace Wedding Dresses

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Versace is a name that doesn’t need introduction as it has gathered a great deal of resonance in the fashion industry so that is no wonder that many would be interested in Versace’s collections even if not much can be said on Versace wedding dresses 2011.

versace wedding dresses 2011
versace wedding dresses 2011

unique versace wedding dresses 2011unique versace wedding dresses 2011

And this is because the bridal gowns for this year Versace collection are missing almost completely. The accent is put on spring – summer collection of frocks that are presented in vibrant colors and shocking designs, but Donatella Versace has always accustomed us with her bold style and originality. It seems that for this year, the exotic geometric print, cropped jackets and fringed dresses are making a great statement when introduced in body con gowns.

sexy versace wedding dresses 2011sexy versace wedding dresses 2011

The playful style of colors captured in the design of these fresh frock designs reflects not only the brightness of models but also a sex appeal to which one can hardly resist. In fact, each and every creation is made to replicate exactly the style that Donatella Versace herself has worn or is about to wear for this year. Apart from the fact that the style is more of an extravagant “old mademoiselle” as someone has once remarked, it definitely doesn’t match for the elegance and classy style of wedding gowns that should be contained in the collection of Versace wedding dresses 2011. It has been said that this 2011 summer, Estid Versace, the most famous firm of Gianni Versace, will consist of a totally new fresh air that Donatella Versace plans to bring.

This is the reason why, Versace wedding dresses 2011, are mostly at the stage of project, as some of Versace atelier sketches reveal inside the online fashion designer pages. Other creations that put their print on the spring summer 2011 collection are the dresses in black that make them perfect for any season as well. We should add here the choices for orange, blue, cream and white, these colors adding the fabulous look to the bold 60s-like cut of the dresses.

elegant versace wedding dresses 2011elegant versace wedding dresses 2011

If you are in search of Versace wedding dresses 2011 do not waste your time looking for them inside the fashion designers bridal stores as they won’t be there. You could rather get in touch with Versace atelier designers and see what they can do for you. On the other hand if you want to get married in a casual wedding dress, any of Versace spring-summer dresses of 2011 collection can do, even if they are designed in the mini style and there are gladiators footwear to complement their bold design.[via]

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