Beach Wedding Attire

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beach wedding pictures

beach wedding pictures

For tropical destination weddings, beach wedding attire becomes more and more popular. Imagining the crashing of ocean waves and an outdoor buffet with seashell centerpieces would be the picture in your mind for beach weddings. If you are going to have a beach wedding theme, beach wedding attire would be something you will begin to prepare after you get the engagement ring.

beach wedding attire picturesbeach wedding attire picture

Then, what kind of wedding attire is ideal for a beach wedding? There are lots of beach wedding attires you can meet. Traditionally, a beach wedding is more informal than a church ceremony. So, you can have a choice to make your beach attire as formal or casual as you would like. As you are a beach bride, a simple white beach wedding dress can be the right choice. This kind of bridal attire can range from a plain white formal bridal gown to a fashionable sundress.

Whichever you opt for, white is a great color to choose since it looks striking on the beach and will stand out amazingly in photos that you will forever cherish. For the accessories, you can accessorize with some fresh flowers to your hair or wear some meaningful jewelry from a favorite relative or friend.

simple white beach wedding attiresimple white beach wedding attire

beach wedding attire for groom

beach wedding attire for groom

As you are a beach groom, a formal tuxedo may not look totally appropriate or beach wedding attire. Then, what is the perfect one? An upscale will do the trick. You can steer clear from black and go for an attractive navy blue or brown instead. You can go barefoot too. And if you are going to plan a very casual wedding, you can have a Hawaiian shirt and fancy blue jeans.

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