Outdoor Wedding Party Lighting Ideas

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outdoor wedding lighting
outdoor wedding lighting

Lighting an outdoor wedding party takes some time and planning. After months of preparation you’ve got your date set, seating charts done, and all your food and entertainment situated. You can’t wait to get the party started since your wedding is going to be the greatest outdoor celebration this year. If you want to make your celebration larger than life or just more comfortable for your guests, proper lighting is essential. Although it is commonly overlooked, lighting an outdoor wedding is even more important than an indoor party. Your lighting scheme will set the mood and also prevent people from bumping into each other long after the sun goes down.

Creative & Fun Ways of Lighting Your Wedding

outdoor wedding lighting designoutdoor wedding lighting design

So your finally convinced that you need to plan the lighting for your outdoor wedding party to make it the way you want it. Don’t know where to start? That’s OK, lets discuss two ways you can make it happen. Your wedding celebration is your day, make it the way you want it. That’s why hiring a DJ or band can really get the party moving to the beat. Its exciting and fun to dance the night away but without proper lighting to compliment the music it just isn’t the same. Colorful laser lights, flashing strobe lights, and other colorful lights that move to the music and make it seem like they’re dancing with you can all part of the package when you hire a band or DJ to host your celebration.

unique outdoor wedding lightingunique outdoor wedding lighting

Use Color

Remember that making it memorable is what its all about. That’s why using color is so important to making it fun. Using color can make anything much more interesting. Color can transform the look of things that normally are hidden because of their unsightliness and turn them into interesting pieces of art. Up-lighting trellises is an great way to add an interesting look and feel to your party. Large expansive tents are commonly used to build the outdoor room that everyone will be dining in. Hide your lighting fixtures behind a stretched out piece of white fabric, illuminating it in a way that makes the fabric glow with color. Make that ice sculpture stand out using color.

simple outdoor wedding lightingsimple outdoor wedding lighting

Up-lighting your sculpture with a changing light pattern will make it glow in the dim lights. You can also down-light it from above. Up-lighting a crystal vase or centerpiece with color can make an attractive centerpiece to any table. Maybe having a frosted glass cover-up illuminated from behind with colorful lights can help hide parts of the DJ equipment that are not so flattering to the naked eye. Being creative is what its all about when your working with party lights so make it fun and interesting.

Planning Your Outdoor Wedding Lighting

The typical approach to lighting an outdoor wedding party is boring. Lighting designed to create interest is whats needed to bring everything together. A successful outdoor lighting scheme is used to accent the beauty of the environment. Lighting an outdoor wedding is no exception. The beautiful occasion must be highlighted with the proper lighting techniques. [via]

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