Beach Wedding Cakes

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beach wedding cakes
beach wedding cake

Brides with beach weddings can find inspiration for their beach wedding cakes in nearly anything. Consider the location where you plan to hold your wedding and allow it to give you ideas. For example, a scenic lighthouse, lovely inlet or array of palm trees may all be the best decorations for your beach wedding cake. Those into surfing, boating or other water or beach sports may want to draw their designs from their hobbies.

simple beach wedding cakessimple beach wedding cake

Imagine a cake with the perfect wave and bride and groom surfers in wedded bliss riding the crest. Addicted to beach volleyball? Your wedding cake can sport a net and sand. Water is of course a key element in many beach cake designs, whether on its own or paired with sand and other architectural elements.

blue beach wedding cakes blue beach wedding cake

If your beach wedding is a casual affair, you might want to think about portable types of wedding cake. Cupcakes and petite fours are both great for more casual weddings and are easy to serve; they can be decorated with any of the beach themes above.[via]

white beach wedding cakeswhite beach wedding cake

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