Bridal Shower Cakes

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bridal shower cakes
bridal shower cake

The bridal shower cake is time honored tradition. This tasty staple is generally served at the end of the event, sending each guest home on a sweet note. In recent years, bridal shower cakes have become more elaborate. No longer can we expect two layer, homemade concoctions.

funny bridal shower cakefunny bridal shower cake

Nowadays a bridal shower cake is a treat to be purchased from a talented baker. This isn’t to say the homemade cakes aren’t appreciated just as much, however. The type of bridal shower cake you choose depends on your budget and the shower’s theme, but most agree it should be photo-worthy.

black and white bridal shower cakeblack and white bridal shower cake

Depending on the number of people, you can order a half sheet cake serving up to 50 guests, or full sheet cake that will serve up to 100 guests. Or you can something completely different. A cupcake bridal shower cake is handy because servings are already portioned out. By ordering one cupcake for each guest, there are no leftovers to deal with and no messy plates and cutting knives to wash.

bridal shower cupcake cakebridal shower cupcake cake

Mini bridal cakes are also popular. Choose a two or three tiered affair decked out in the bridal colors. Don’t go for a white cake however, you don’t want it to look just like the wedding cake.[via]