Chic Wedding Gold Theme Ideas

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What do you think of placing a particular color as theme main theme in your wedding day? Have ever you thought of applying gold color for your wedding theme? This particular color shows a good taste.

You can ensure yourself that you will end up with a good looking wedding ceremony, which is really elegant and extravagant in the same time. So, in what particular fields you can adopt this wedding theme?

Gold Wedding Shoes
Gold Wedding Shoes

You can start with your gold wedding dress. It sounds very interesting to wear a gold wedding dress. You can adopt gold wedding dresses not due to the color, but it is due to the details used.

Also, the wedding site for the wedding reception can be in gold. You can adopt gold curtains and shiny and gold looking chandeliers. The other ideas for your gold wedding theme are the wedding favors, which can be made in a golden tone as well.

The shoes that the bride and bridesmaids can wear are also gold. Well, let’s not forget about the flowers that don’t necessarily need to be gold, but they can be yellow and this is an element that will make your wedding look full of life.

The rings! Yes, the rings can be also in gold. And as a last gold idea for your wedding with gold theme, you can carry in your hands a white bouquet that has attached around it a gold ribbon.

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