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fairytale wedding dress
fairytale wedding dresses

Everyone wants to have a memorable wedding. What wedding do you want to have? There are many wedding theme ideas that you can choose. Do you adore Cinderella and want to be like her? You can have a fairytale wedding to make your dream come true. It’s not difficult. One bride’s theme for a Cinderella Fairytale Wedding created an event not to be forgotten by everyone attending your wedding.

cinderella wedding dressCinderella wedding dress

A pure white dress, flowing down to the floor, a train of endless length following gracefully behind, the veil placed strategically under a crown would be your appearance. Here, you will look like a queen. And he is your Princess, and this is your fairytale wedding. You can imagine when walking into a ballroom draped in exquisite gold fabrics and a red carpet leading down to two thrones in the middle. Gold and silver chairs on both sides of the long red carpet would be an awesome performance.

cinderella wedding gownCinderella wedding gown

The carpet comes to an end at three steps leading up to a platform of gold and white, two tall thrones, decorated in jewels and dark colored cushions, sitting side-by-side, the prince standing before the left throne. A grand organ in the back right corner of the ballroom plays the wedding theme as the princess makes her way down the carpet, her long train following behind. And then you give your final kiss, and turn to their audience. As the ceremony comes to a close, you walk side by side down the long red carpet, white rice being tossed into the air and you go outside to be greeted by two white horses, and a round white carriage. You ride off in this Cinderella style carriage. These would be the things that you would get and experience in your fairytale wedding theme. What a wonderful wedding day!

disney cinderella wedding dressDisney Cinderella wedding dress

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