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white flower girl dresses

You can have flower girl dresses with charming or whimsical look and expensive or economical price. Of course, the flower girl in your wedding will be adorable no matter what she wears, but also certainly you want your flower girl to look as precious as possible. There are many people who choose to dress their flower girls as a miniature version of the bride but actually this rule isn’t set in stone. In fact, there are many flower girl dresses echo the designs of a bridesmaid’s dress instead. Whatever style you choose for your flower girl dresses, here are some tips to keep in your mind.

blue flower girl dresses

blue flower girl dress

Comfort is important and it must be your first consideration. Flower girls may be as young as one or as old as a preteen, but comfort should still be an issue no matter her age. So, you have to make sure her dress fits comfortably. Checking the length is also essential. You don’t want her tripping over the hem as she walks down the aisle, do you? The material you choose will really influence the dress’ comfort. So, you have to choose material carefully. Then, you can choose material that isn’t scratchy. If she doesn’t like the feel of the material, be sure and find a full slip for her to use that protects her tender skin.

pink flower girl dressespink flower girl dress

The right choice of accessories will really enhance the beauty of the flower girls. Selecting for a simple pearl necklace or lace headband is all you need to accessorize a beautiful flower girl dress. Your wedding theme will also influence the choice of accessories. Your flower girl’s dress should echo the theme as much as possible. It is important to look for great accessories that play up the theme, such as leis for a beach wedding or flowered tiaras for a Renaissance theme. Be sure that the theme inspired dress fits well, and the accessories or the dress itself is not too cumbersome, especially for a younger flower girl. Flower girl dresses also come in various colors such as white, blue, red, ivory and pink.

red flower girl dressred flower girl dress

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