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Vera Wang wedding dresses are very popular. Fashion designer Vera Wang has been dressing brides in stunning, contemporary wedding gowns since she first opened her store in 1990. For years, brides have coveted the designer’s dresses, which feature high end details such as hand beading and rich deluxe fabrics, for their wedding day attire.

vera wang wedding dresses

vera wang wedding dresses

Vera Wang wedding dresses can be gained through online at shops specializing in designer wear. Check out the selections at, Bride Couture and Wedding Dress City. You just have to make sure that you understand the terms of service before your purchase the dress online, as it may not be able to be returned.

white vera wang wedding dresseswhite vera wang wedding dresses

Budget-conscious fans of the designer gowns can also discover a collection of lower priced Vera Wang dresses at David’s Bridal. Vera Wang created a special line of dresses for her White by Vera Wang collection. The dress line, which was created for a fall 2011 release, features many gowns for under $100.

Vera Wang has an outgoing collection of wedding gowns available for purchase. The designer’s official website has links to recent photos of her bridal collections. However, there are a lot of more dresses obtainable for order or for the fashion curios to view. To see larger galleries of Vera Wang dresses, websites such as have a gallery of the designer’s wedding dress photos. In addition, those who wish to view runway photos of the most recent Vera Wang collections as they appear at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, there are links to galleries of photos at the fashion week website.

white simple vera wang wedding dresseswhite simple vera wang wedding dresses

Vera Wang spent over a decade and a half as the Senior Fashion Director at Vogue Magazine and also spent time as the Design Director at Ralph Lauren. While working with these two fashion industry leaders, she became bored with the same old wedding dresses. There was nothing to set one wedding dress apart from the other. They lacked the elegance and sophistication that came with most designer dresses. Wang decided to alter this by starting her own modern and sophisticated line of bridal gowns. Nowadays, Vera Wang is considered one of the most popular and sought-after wedding designers in the wedding dress industry.

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