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summer beach wedding dresses

It will be a bit different for you when selecting a summer beach wedding dress than selecting a traditional wedding dress. Dresses for summer wedding would be great and suitable when they are made from light and airy materials. It is because these materials will help you to keep cool. There are also other needs to meet for beach wedding dresses. That is why it is important for you to consider a few things when you are shopping for summer beach wedding dresses.

Summer Beach Wedding Dress Fabrics

It is said previously that it is very important to choose light and airy fabrics for summer beach wedding dresses. Here are some good materials for a summer beach wedding dress that will make you feel cool on your special day. Some fabrics like chiffon, crepe, cotton eyelet, cotton organdy, organza, georgette and voile are the best ones.

mermaid summer beach wedding dress

Clearly, the brides will not have the whole dress of something as sheer as organza. They will look for dresses combining one or two light fabrics to make them comfortable in the heat of summer and look elegant enough for their wedding day.

Summer Beach Wedding Dress Styles

A bride will need to consider some factors that will affect her summer beach wedding dresses. Everybody knows that in the beach is usually breezy. Thus if a bride chooses a full skirt, it may get blown around. So it is important to keep this in mind. Another thing to remember is that a summer beach wedding typically looks more casual than traditional weddings. So a bride can opt for a dress that is casual but still elegant.

When we are on the beach, we will be on the sand absolutely. This fact is vital to consider when choosing the dress. Such kind of dress like a long dress with a flowing train will be a mess before the wedding is over. Additionally, when we are walking on the sinking sand, it is difficult enough without tripping on our hem. Here are some suitable summer beach wedding dress styles to think about.

The first one is a tea length wedding dress. This style is a good choice for a summer wedding, particularly one that is on the beach. It is because not only is a tea length cooler that a full, flowing skirt, but we won’t need to worry about the hem getting in our way. A tea length summer beach wedding dress will also look clean since nothing will drag in the sand.

We can also opt for a dress which is designed with an asymmetrical hem. This dress is able to give us the look of a full length dress with a higher front hem. This will also make walking easier as well. A column style dress is cool and simple, but can also be elegant with the right fabric. Meanwhile, a princess style gown is very flattering on any body shape. For a beach wedding,some dress styles such as spaghetti straps, bandeau sleeves or even strapless gowns will not only be comfortable, but will show off your summer tan as well. It is also very imperative to make sure to bring a wrap though, as beach breezes can be cool in the evening.

Summer Beach Wedding Dress Colors

There are some colors for us to consider when choosing summer beach wedding dresses. Nowadays it becomes the trend to add red or pastel colors like pink or lavender. Certainly for a beach wedding, some colors such as pale blue or mint green will lend themselves well to our theme.

In general, there are a lot of brides who are opting for a tropical or Hawaiian print for their beach wedding dresses. A good tip is to dress your groom in a coordinating shirt and you will look great together. Another very hot trend for a summer beach wedding is to be dressed in a wedding sarong. A large sarong can be put on as your dress or a smaller on can be worn with a bikini for a sexy, tropical look.

To finish perfectly your beach wedding look, you can put on a flower wreath on your head. You can also wear small clips with rhinestones throughout your hair that will add sparkle and a bit of glamour as well. You can even skip the footwear for a beach wedding without losing any of the elegance. With a good preparation and the perfect choice of summer beach wedding dresses, everything will leave you beautiful memories of a tropical, relaxed experience that you will never forget.

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