Today’s Trends in Bridal Veils

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bridal veil with swarovksi crystal

Veils have been being worn by the brides for thousands of years. Wearing bridal veil in a wedding is an ancient tradition, though one that is still very famous to do with brides today. It is like wedding gowns, veils also come with fashion trends. Take a look at these most current ideas in bridal veils.

Designers today are also offering bridal veils with a number of very special and unique details. The use of a simple gathered piece of tulle can be spectacularly transformed with a trim or ornament. Adding a decorative border to the outer edge is one of the most well-liked and versatile ways to come to an end a veil. The application of ribbon borders is one of the most classic veil edges, but there are a number of additional new and interesting options. Various designers are using three narrow pieces of ribbon to create a more dynamic ribbon edge. Others are using ribbon in a pale color, like blush pink or baby blue.

bridal veil with flowers

A border on a veil does not have to be a piece of ribbon, either. For today’s romantic and ethereal gowns, veils with ruffled or pleated edges are a stunning choice. A soft sheer ruffle or pleat on a veil will also soften a more architectural style of wedding dress. It is one of the prettiest trends in bridal veils.

Other bridal veil trends are in keeping with some ideas that are well-liked throughout weddings. Just as monogrammed everything is one of the hottest things at weddings; you can carry this concept into your veil. You can order a veil that is customized with your monogram on the back in an elegant script and scroll design. This veil would make a very special wedding keepsake.

embroidered long bridal veil

Swarovski crystals are another big wedding trend. Brides love crystal bridal jewelry, crystals in their bouquets, even crystals in the vases of the centerpieces. A lot of brides simply cannot get enough sparkle. If this sounds like you, you will be happy to hear that you can even get crystals on your bridal veil. A dazzling veil is the perfect complement to sparkling Swarovksi crystal bridal jewelry. Tiny crystals can be applied to the body of the veil, or they can be used along the edges to create a beautiful border. One really stunning effect is to have large crystal briolette stitched to the veil. The way they catch the light as the bride walks down the aisle is incredible.

In contrast, if you prefer an older fashioned look, you can also find that in a veil. Very traditional laces, such as Belgian lace, are coming back in style for the bride. You can choose a veil made entirely of a fine Belgian lace (which has a lot of open net areas, so it will not look like you are wearing a tablecloth!) or one with a lace appliqué just at the edges. If this vintage look appeals to you, be sure to check your attic; some lucky brides may be able to wear the same lace veil as their mother or grandmother. Tradition and custom play a very strong part in weddings. This is surely true of the bridal ensemble. The amazing thing for today’s brides is that you can take pleasure in following some of the wedding traditions while still adding a modern and personal twist to them.

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