Beach Wedding Favor Candy Ideas

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Having a beach wedding theme will be more complete with the right choice of beach wedding favor. It will be a fun and delicious way to have beach wedding favor candy for your guests attending your wedding.

Beach Wedding Favor Candy

You will not only find out a lot of types of candy particularly the ones reflecting your beach theme but there are also a great of deal of creative ways to turn any type of candy into the perfect favor for a beach ceremony.

Presenting unique candy can be the perfect option to show a special touch that will enhance a beach wedding theme. Jordan almonds have traditionally been the candy favor which becomes the favorite choice among the brides and grooms.

Nowadays, what becomes the only limit to what you desire in wedding candy is your imagination. If you think that you cannot find what you really want and are willing to pay the price, customized beach wedding favor candy will be the way you want.

Unique Beach Wedding Favor Candy
Beach Wedding Favor Candy With Ribbons

The following ideas can be considered for your beach wedding favor candy. Themed lollipops, in the shape of pineapples, palm trees, Hawaiian shorts, flip flops, or imprinted with images like hibiscus flowers can compliment you wedding theme. Round or square nougat candies with palm tree or exotic flower centers can be a sweet and pretty addition to guest tables.

Gummy or hard candies in tropical fish or sea creature shapes are a whimsical choice and are perfect as children’s favors. Chocolate, white chocolate, or peanut butter candy created in sea shell, starfish or sand dollar molds are sophisticated and offer a decadent feel.

Chocolate or hard candy made to look like stones or rocks are a beautiful choice for nature themed or Eco-friendly beach weddings. Candy warehouses, party stores, and wedding retailers will be excellent places to find beach wedding favor candy.

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