Being Fashionable with Couture Wedding Gowns

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beaded couture wedding gowns

Couture wedding dresses are as much about high fashion, glamour and style as they are about elegance and sophistication. They are the wonderful blend of tradition and contemporary wedding styles. You will be a unique bride, with a dress that your guests won’t soon forget. Couture gowns tend to be more expensive than their counterparts – but many brides find them well worth the price.

couture princess wedding gowns
Couture wedding dresses season are proving to be quite diverse. This season, a wedding gown may be based upon fashion trends from almost any decade and still be considered fashionable. The first major trend that is being seen this season is that of the sexy streamlined silhouette, as is seen in the mermaid style of gown. Figure hugging gowns are predicted to be a major trend for the next few seasons. If you have a fantastic figure, now is the time to show it off! The second main trend that is emerging is the ball gown style. This is a style that is in no doubt to satisfy the inner little princess in every girl. Ball gown style wedding dresses are well-known since they can form your body into almost any silhouette you wish, and they can provide the illusion of fantastic cleavage for almost anyone.

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Fifties era wedding gowns are also proving themselves to be awfully popular. There is a definite glamorous appeal about the 50’s era that can appeal to almost any woman. These gowns have a tendency to feature a belted waist, which can create the illusion of an hourglass figure on any woman. The lengths and volume of these gowns is quite diverse. A woman is almost certain to find silhouettes that appeal to her. As aforementioned, the mermaid style of gown has recently regained popularity. These gowns are very form fitting and tend to retain a hint of the 50’s era influence. Think of Audrey Hepburn in My Fair Lady.

couture wedding ball gowns
couture lace wedding gowns
On a different note, tea length wedding gowns are also becoming very well-liked. The length of this dress hits about mid calf for most women. It is a departure from the traditional ideas of what a wedding gown should be, but the A line frame of these gowns is flattering to a variety of body types. Grecian influenced wedding gowns have recently come into vogue. These dresses are constructed of flowing, floating materials, and the draping of these gowns is also flattering to a variety of body types. Nevertheless, women who are statuesque best wear this style. With the wide variety of couture wedding dresses that are obtainable nowadays, a woman is almost certain to discover a style she adores.

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