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couture wedding gowns

A lot of brides will tell you that they would choose couture wedding gowns if their budgets would allow, but they just cost too much! But that’s simply not always the case – “too much”, after all, is simply a matter of perspective. In no doubt, made-to-order dresses may be priced higher than their off-the-rack counterparts, but not always, particularly if the off-the-rack option has a designer’s name attached to it.

These days, there are numerous talented creators of couture wedding gowns that may not quite be as famous as the ones we see in the high-fashion magazines, but whose works are well-designed, well-made, and most of all, flattering, stylish and as perfect as any bride could want! What’s more, the benefits of having couture wedding gowns far outweigh the additional cost over ready to wear bridal dresses. Not only do these practical advantages valuable in terms of money, but the benefits in terms of time, confidence and emotions can be priceless.

couture wedding gown
Fit and Form – While ready-to-wear wedding dresses do come in various styles and sizes, the fact remains that no two brides are alike. Not only do body sizes or measurements differ, so do personalities. Even more importantly, not everyone is built to manufacturers’ standards. In fact, many brides who have top or bottom heavy figures have a hard time finding clothes that fit in regular sizes. Couture wedding gowns, on the other hand, measured specifically to flatter the body may end up cheaper than a ready-made dress that will need added cost to altar.

silk couture wedding gown
Exactly the Way You Want – Admit it; there’s an exact style of dress you already have in mind for the wedding of your dreams. And chances are, you probably won’t be finding it on the rack in a shop. After all, it does exist only in your mind! With a one-off dress, the dream can be a reality. A couturier can help you get the exact style you’re looking for, help you express your individuality and personal style and make sure that what you’re wearing is all “you”.

mermaid couture wedding gown
One of a Kind – Couture wedding gowns are unique, so you can be sure that the dress you’ll be wearing is the only one of its kind. How much more special will your nuptial be knowing that the way you look is all your own (and your designer’s!) creation – nobody else will ever be seen in the same dress. Consider spending that little extra on your dream dress – you will absolutely find it worth the cost! Find more couture wedding gowns.

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