Hawaiian Wedding Dresses

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Hawaiian wedding dresses

Planning a wedding can be very stressful for all involved, to say the least. There are so many details to prepare. Among the most important is in the selection of the wedding gown. If you are planning a Hawaiian wedding on one of the Hawaiian Islands, you may just want to throw tradition to the breeze and do it Hawaiian style all the way. Hawaii is famous for its laid back and care-free attitude. Your Hawaiian wedding dresses don’t have to be incredibly expensive or grossly extravagant to be wonderfully extraordinary.

hawaiian wedding dress

The traditional Hawaiian wedding dress is called the holoku. This is an elegant and somewhat on the conservative side. The holoku style dress is completed with lace, long sleeves a high neckline and a long train. This is a pretty style dress, prefect for an indoor ceremony, but may not be the best option for a seashore ceremony.

Hawaiian wedding dress with knee length

When selecting the most appropriate attire for your prefect Hawaiian ceremony it is good to remember both location where the Hawaiian wedding will take place and the typical average weather. Today’s versions are much more comfy and a lot less restricted. If your Hawaiian ceremony is going to happen on the beach, you may want to forgo the long train and opt instead from one of the many beautiful traditional Hawaiian wedding dresses available.

simple Hawaiian wedding dress

The majority of the styles do not include traditional veils and many opt for flowered garlands instead. Many of the styles are simple, yet elegant and made of light weight cotton, perfect for the warm Hawaiian weather.

simple white Hawaiian wedding dress

There are a lot of beautiful styles offered in a variety of styles, design and colors. There are a lot of beautiful print choices that are reminiscent of the many beautiful flowers of the isles. There is a style of Hawaiian wedding dresses to meet most everyone’s style and budget.

tea length Hawaiian wedding dress

All of the images of Hawaiian wedding dresses above are the courtesy of Hawaiian Wedding Place.

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