Easy Tutorial for Waterfall Braid Wedding Hairstyles for Long Hair

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waterfall braid wedding hairstyle tutorial

I am very excited and enthusiastic about today’s post. For you, the brides-to-be who are looking for ideas and inspiration on how to style your long hair for the big day, here is a great inspiration for you. This is an easy tutorial on how to make a waterfall braid. I’ve seen this style floating around Pinterest for a while, but haven’t found a great tutorial laying out all the steps for a waterfall braid. So, enjoy the tutorial and get you inspired!

waterfall braid wedding hairstyles tutorial

Waterfall Braid Instructions

1. Part hair on it’s natural side.

2. Grab a small piece and divide into 3 sections.

3.French braid for 2-3 inches. This will secure the “waterfall” and make sure it doesn’t fall in your face.

4. After you’ve French braided for a few inches, drop the top section of your braid. It’s ok. Let it fall.

5. Pick up a new section of hair from directly behind where you’ve dropped the top piece. This new piece acts as a new section of your French braid

6. Keep moving around the head. Remember, every time you grab a section of hair from the top of your head to add to the braid, let is drop and replace it with a new section.

7 +8. When you reach the other side of your head, secure the end of the braid with Bobbi pins.

*This braid can be a little tricky. But practice makes perfect.

Extra Tips

– You should brush your hair before braiding. Knots and tangles make it hard for the person braiding your hair. Might also hurt a little bit!

– Part on your natural side. Adjust instructions according to your part.

– Day old hair is best. A little grit is good for braids as they hold-up better. Clean hair is too slippery.

– These tutorials are written for someone to braid your hair, not intended for self-braiders. Unless you are really clever and talented!

Source: http://www.oncewed.com/diy-wedding-blog/waterfall-braid-wedding-hairstyles-for-long-hair/

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