Gorgeous Blue Wedding Flower Arrangements to Inspire You

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blue wedding flower arrangements

Blue flowers are traditionally a lucky wedding flower, associated with the ancient Victorian good luck adage that reads “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue, and a sixpence in her shoe.” As long as a bride carries these respective items, or something that symbolizes the items, she is reputably empowered with good luck. In lots of instances the “something blue” is best personified with blue wedding flowers. Blue wedding flowers can add a unique and modern touch to a wedding. They are a wonderful flower choice to consider for wedding that will have blue as one of its colors. Many different flowers are available in blue. You will find that there are a number of flowers that can be used for blue wedding flower arrangements. To inspire you, here we have selected a number of blue wedding flower arrangements you will surely love. They look absolutely gorgeous.

blue wedding flower arrangement
blue rose wedding flower arrangement
blue white wedding flower arrangement
blue and white wedding flower arrangement

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