Amazing Prom Hairstyles for Long Hair

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prom hairstyles for long hair

Prom is an important part in life of every individual and everyone wishes to have the best look at prom. The type of hairstyle that you sport at this occasion is very important in determining your style quotient. Girls especially find this event important, partly due to the fact that they get to wear beautiful dresses, makeup and feel and look beautiful. For the girls with long hair, they can choose from a wide variety of prom hairstyles for long hair.

These styles include chic cut, boho waves or curly hair. While opting for one out of various prom hairstyles for long hair, you must keep your personality in mind. The style that you would have chosen should match your personality. Otherwise, such a hairstyle would look odd and ruin your appearance at such an important event of your life.

Chic Cut

If you decide to go for a chic cut, your hair would be organized in the form of plates. A strapless dress would be a perfect with such type of hairstyle. You can even opt for several trendy accessories to combine them with your hairstyle and dress.

Natural Style

A lot of girls – and even Hollywood celebrities – like to wear their hair naturally these days, with only a side part and some big, loose curls. This hairstyle looks good, tempt and elegant, but you do need to style your hair a bit in order to give it a finished look. All you have to do is wash your hair, dry it, apply some protecting product, and then put on the biggest curlers you find. When the hair is dry, take the curlers off and gently comb the hair with your fingers. Comb it on one side of your face, then pin it with an ornate pin and you’ve created one of the simplest prom hairstyles for long hair.

Fish Tail Braid

fishtail braid long prom hairstyle

Another one of the prom hairstyles for long hair that is popular now is the fishtail braid. For this hairdo, all you need is to learn how to effectuate this braid, and then decide whether you want it tighter or looser. You can also complete it by adding some faux flowers or diamond hairpins. If you want your hair loose in its entire splendor, you can straighten it, or add some vintage finger curls to frame your face. All in all, remember that it must be a hairstyle that you feel comfortable wearing, and you are sure to look beautiful.

Sleek Bump

sleek bump prom long hairstyle

Another amazing prom hairstyle for long hair is sleek bump. Here are the steps to get this look:

  • Backcomb the front section of your hair.
  • Pull it straight back and fasten with a pretty barrette.
  • Mist shine hairspray all over to nix flyaways and add major gloss.

Ribbon Braid

ribbon braid long prom hairstyle

Ribbon braid is also very chic. Follow the steps below to get the look:

  • Dab some pomade onto your dry hair.
  • Take a long ribbon and wrap it around your head like a headband.
  • Braid your hair to the side, working in the ribbon.

Woven Braid

woven braid long prom hairstyle

Woven braid looks simple but pretty gorgeous. Here are the steps to get the look:

  • Gather just the sides of your hair (from your temples to the tops of your ears) into a wide French braid and secure with an elastic, then wrap a small piece of leather around it for a boho feel.
  • Gently, tug the braid to loosen it some more; add gloss with a shine spray.
glam curls
glam curls
middle part with a flower
middle part with a flower
swept-away curls
swept-away curls
teased down do long prom hairstyle
teased down do long prom hairstyle

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