When Do You Send Out Wedding Invitations?

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when do you send out wedding invitations

When do you send out wedding invitations? It may be a common question from the couples who are going to get married. Knowing the exact time to send the wedding invitations is important. Another common question from the bride or groom to-be is about the “Save the Dates”. Do you need to save “the date cards”? Getting to know what the best way to send the invitations is also essential. Are they sent by email or hand-delivered?

According to the experts from Wedding Wire, the most appropriate time to send your wedding invitations is 6-8 weeks before your wedding date particularly for your guests who live in town and out of town. In the meantime, if you want to invite your friends who live out of your country, it is recommended to send the invitations 10 weeks in advance. Why? There are some reasons for this. Often, if you send your wedding invitations too early, people generally ignore and forget it. Remember, you’d better also give them enough time to arrange their schedule. They may need to have the days off from work. It will also give your guests time to reply back to you.

Mailing the invitations will keep it look formal and it is much advisable. However, there is nothing wrong with hand-delivering. Your guests will surely love it. This way will give an opportunity for them to meet you and get excited with you. When you are meeting them and handing the invitation, you can say, “I really wanted to give this invitation by myself alone because I am very excited to share my happy wedding with you”.

Meanwhile, “Save the Dates” are not a must or optional. Though, they are very nice especially if you are going to have a destination wedding or if lots of your guests are living out of town. The “Save the Dates” can be as simple and cheap as a postcard. You do not need to make them fancy. If you get married in a busy wedding season, it is better to send “Save the Dates” early or 6 months before your wedding day.

For your guests who have an email, you can email them announcement of “Save the Dates”. It will save your money of course. Another nice idea can be making a little wedding website. You can put everything detailed here. After the wedding over, you can publish your beautiful wedding photographs here so everyone can enjoy them. Creating a wedding website? Why not? Sending postcards is only for those who do not email. The “Save the Dates” info can actually go out right after you’ve arranged the date. It is only intended as a heads up.

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