What is A Destination Wedding and How Much Does It Cost

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In a traditional way, a wedding is frequently held in a home church. It can also be held in a near garden or in a place which is close to the groom’s or bride’s family. Now, people become more mobile and many of them live away from their homeland. There are some of them who marry with people from other countries. No wonder if they prefer a destination wedding over the traditional one. So, what is a destination wedding? In a simple definition, a destination wedding is a wedding away from your hometown.

What is a destination wedding?

what is a destination wedding

A destination wedding is a chance for newly engaged couples to celebrate their marriage in a wonderful destination which is away from their hometown. It can be just two of you or with your family and friends. The place or destination that you choose shouldn’t always be the far-off international locations, such as Caribbean and Mexico. You can actually choose a location which is close to your hometown. City couples can go to the country while suburbanites may opt for metropolis.

You may often see that destination weddings happen on the beach. A destination wedding can be held anywhere imaginable. It can take place from a historic garden to a snowy mountaintop.

 A destination wedding is easier to handle and manage. Moreover, there are a lot of wedding-worthy resorts offering  a planning assistance to the couples for free, whether the event is for 2 or even 200. These resorts also offer many packages which will keep things simple while still give you chances to customize.

You can save more on decor with a destination wedding. If you choose a location with amazing background, it won’t take much to decor it. Such locations as a pristine beach, a blooming garden, a tidy vineyard, or a historic plantation which is furnished with wonderful antiques won’t require lots of things to decorate. A few simple floral accents are enough to adorn them.

You will have more time and enjoy it with your loved ones. In a standard wedding, it takes about five hours. During this time, the bride and groom move from one table to another table to say hello to every guest attending the wedding. A destination won’t take that long. It takes about three hours, which meant that you’ll have more quality time to spend with your nearest and dearest people.

What is the average destination wedding cost?

A destination wedding costs less than a hometown wedding. Why? It usually need smaller guest lists, packages, and so forth. Generally, a traditional wedding costs around $24,066, while a destination wedding usually spends about $21,800. It saves $2,226.

A destination wedding is cheaper because it usually does not need a large place since there are only a small number of guests. With only some guests, it won’t require need many tables, chairs, centerpieces and more. Hence, it will surely lessen the cost.

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