Celtic Wedding Dresses Bringing the Soul of Medieval Romance

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celtic wedding dresses

Today more and more couples are personalizing their wedding ceremonies and receptions in order to better reflect their ethnicity and beliefs. Not surprisingly, Celtic marriages have become more popular these days. This medieval inspired wedding is a great way to make your wedding look more royal. So, if you have planned to hold your wedding in a castle with a fairy tale concept, Celtic wedding dresses are the apt and ideal choice for this wedding style.

A Celtic knot wedding dress offers and also provides a passion and individuality. A wedding in Irish tradition is strongly influenced by the superstitious medieval Irish Celtic myths. In a traditional Irish wedding, the brides did not wear a white wedding dress but blue. For the ancient Celts, this color symbolizes purity. It was in about 1499 a white Celtic wedding dress was worn after Anne of Brittany popularized it.

If you want to bring and introduce your heritage in marriage and show your love for Renaissance clothes and way of life, wearing Irish Celtic wedding dress is the best way. Renaissance costumes are frequently worn in exhibitions and other events. As a result, you will find it easier to get Celtic dresses with good quality for every woman in your wedding.

Why Opting For Celtic Medieval Wedding Dresses?

There are some reasons why many couples opt for these Celtic inspired wedding dresses. These include:

  • Bringing a Romance

Celtic style wedding dresses are a perfect way to showcase the inheritance of the bride. These outfits also show the spirit of the renaissance lifestyle and the dress style. Not just because of their elegance, Celtic dresses also show the essence or soul of medieval romance.

This outfit will really make you a princess on fairyland. The brides will be brought back to the days of the knights, the virtues of the knights, and the romance. Celtic wedding gowns can be the most romantic way to celebrate the happiest time of your life.

  • Available in A Wide Selection of Styles

There are many choices of medieval wedding gowns from different designers out there. Many of Glasgow Celtic’s designer wedding dress design and create beautiful and charming renaissance and medieval gowns. They are custom-made so the touch of individuality is obviously seen. Some of these designers also create unique and charming Gothic-themed outfits. Meanwhile, the other designers present traditional Celtic wedding dresses specialized for positively sensitive brides.

There is a wide selection of authentic, classic, and classy Celtic dresses to choose from if you plan on celebrating your heritage. Celtic themed wedding dresses can be informally or formally styled. They could be medieval corset wedding dresses, vintage Irish lace wedding dress, or simpler dresses and a very elegant one-piece style.

Celtic bridal and bridesmaid dresses are available in a variety of color-rich options. An example is the ivory and champagne colors, these colors provide a clear variation on the Celtic-style wedding dress. Meanwhile, for the brides who want to show the impression of a special brand of Celtic magic on their clothes, they can choose a color like cranberries or deep emerald green. The magical impression will be more visible if they choose the fabric from crushed velvet which is softly trimmed with gold brocade.

Popular Styles of Celtic Wedding Gowns

There are numerous popular styles of Irish Celtic themed wedding dresses. You can choose a minimalist dress with A-line silhouette made of expensive materials or the ball gowns decorated with elaborate braids, brocade, and stonework in heavier materials.

You can also choose to wear a dress with a flamboyant detachable train. Later on, you can wear it as evening party dress. Materials for these attires are often from cotton, satin, velvet, silk, or brocade. There are also some Celtic gowns that are offered in an overdress option which are frequently made of lighter materials such as tulle and chiffon.

Generally, most Celtic bridal gowns are made from flowing fabrics such as silk, lace, velvet or cotton. The designs can be very ornamented or just simple. Modern Celtic wedding dresses are often designed using contemporary techniques with the inspirations from the combination of fantasy and medieval styles in different color choices.

Do you know the facts?

There are some customs that are commonly seen from a bride and her wedding dress. Several hundred years ago and until now the tradition of carrying a horseshoe as a symbol of luck is still sustainable. Because carrying a horseshoe can be heavy, a bride can replace it by embroidering a horseshoe in her veil and garter belt. She can also carry a horseshoe made of porcelain or paper alternatively. Another popular custom is putting a penny in the bride’s shoes as a symbol of luck.

These customs are meant to prevent the fairies from kidnapping the bride. To give a touch of the Emerald Isle in the dress and bouquet, Irish lace or traditional Irish wildflowers can be added. “Something blue” is another popular custom of Ireland and comes from the traditional Celtic wedding dresses. Today, many brides wear blue jewelry, ribbons or flowers in their ensembles.

Where to find Celtic wedding dresses for sale?

If you have decided to choose a Celtic wedding theme, the next step is to find the right place to get or buy your best wedding dress. Today, the popularity of renaissance outfit and events are increasingly growing. Therefore, you will not find it difficult to get a high-quality dress.

The online stores are the closest and fastest place for you to start looking for Celtic medieval wedding dresses for sale. If you think buying from the Internet looks complicated and the possibility of getting clothes that do not suit you, think again. Instead of buying in local stores, wedding dresses that are sold in the online stores can be adjusted to the size of the wearer. Here are some trusted places to start your search:

This online bridal store is one of the best choices to get a perfect dress for your Celtic wedding. They have more than ten years of experience in making Celtic and medieval bridal suits. With that experience, you can trust them.

In their “Celtic Spirit Collection” collection you can find dresses like medieval corset wedding dresses, Irish lace wedding dresses, and dresses inspired by medieval Britain’s fashions. Their clothes are made of the finest materials with very fine embroidery. They are also decorated with unique, beautiful crystal, beads and pearls. They are present in a wide selection of necklines, cuffs, and hems.

They make handmade wedding dresses for the brides around the world. The inspiration of their creations is influenced by Medieval, Fairytale, Fantasy, and Celtic styles.

They make bridal clothes on demand. You do not have to worry if the clothes you ordered do not match you. All clothes can be customized and adapted to perfect your style. There are various color options and you can order a dress exactly as their pictures.

Etsy offers a wide selection of Celtic-themed wedding dresses and medieval bridal suits. They have very elegant and charming medieval wedding dresses with sleeves. The clothes are made of various types of best materials. Whatever clothes you want, either long-sleeved or off the shoulder with regular size or plus size, Etsy provides you with many choices.

The wedding dresses they offer are uniquely designed. Each dress is made to fit your size. It is made in Ireland for all brides all over the universe. The dresses are made using natural ivory lace materials, linen, and raw plant fibers. The result is dressed in authentic and organic Celtic bohemian styles. All gowns are made to order to fit your taste.

Of course, there are still many other places that you can find to get your dream Celtic wedding dresses. What is mentioned here can be said the best choice of all. Keep in mind, wherever you get the dress of your choice, the most important thing is that you are happy and satisfied with the dress you buy. Your wedding day is supposed to be the most beautiful day in your life. So whatever it takes to make you happy, then do it and find the perfect wedding dress is one of the most important things of all.

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