13 Affordable Unique DIY Wedding Decor Ideas for the Ceremony and Reception

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DIY Wedding Seating Chart Decor

Nowadays, there’s the thought that not hiring a wedding planner or day-of coordinator is basically doing matrimony malice, but that couldn’t be more wrong, particularly given the amount of DIY wedding decor ideas out there. If you fall under this umbrella of decor-savvy or budget-friendly couples who desire to tackle wedding planning alone, first of all, we ask you—you certainly have your work cut out for you.

In real fact, your blood pressure may already be rising by the minute just considering about the upcoming decor duties on deck, but we’re coming to the assistance. Prepare to be the best temporary wedding planner your ceremony will ever notice (starting with a few deep breaths).

To make your life a heck of a lot easier, we gathered 13 cheap DIY wedding decor ideas that you and your partner can without problems and elegantly handle for the big day. And, fear not, un-crafty couples—we don’t mean to bust out the paint pens and hot glue gun or try your hand at calligraphy (THAT warrants a professional).

Instead, we’re talking affordable vases for DIY flower arrangements, table runners and centerpieces to take decorating the reception tables-cape into your own hands, string lights you can easily hang on your own, and much more.

Printable DIY Menu Template Wedding Decor
DIY Rose Bistro Votive Wedding Decor
DIY Stamped Metal Table Numbers Wedding Decor
DIY Fresh Tropical Monstera Stems Wedding Decor
DIY Dried Lavender & Eucalyptus Bouquet Wedding Decor
DIY Food52 Vintage-Inspired Brass Candlesticks Wedding Decor
DIY Textured Linen Runner Wedding Decor
DIY Metalwork Hurricane Wedding Decor
DIY Stargazer Globe Lights Wedding Decor
DIY Pressed Glass Frames Wedding Decor
DIY Arrow & Initials Cake Topper Wedding Decor
DIY Asparagus Napkin Rings Wedding Decor

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