23 Creative DIY Wedding Decoration Ideas on Budget

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Creative DIY wedding decoration ideas

It is certain that you will have some kind of decorations for your wedding venue. In fact the wedding decorations can cost you quite a large amount of money. You may want to have your decorations done on budget. There are a lot of creative DIY wedding decoration ideas that you can make with little creativity. Above all, they are really on budget.

When you are planning and preparing a wedding, it is really fun to work with your creative side with some DIY projects. This is a great and creative way to add personality and style to your wedding while keeping costs low.

Creative and Unique DIY Wedding Decoration Ideas on Budget

With so many lovely and affordable DIY wedding decor ideas available, you don’t have to spend a lot of budget on your wedding decorations if you are willing to get creative and make the items by yourself. Here are some simple creative DIY wedding decoration ideas that you should consider for your special big day.

DIY Chalkboard Welcome Sign
DIY Unique Polaroid Memory Book
DIY Wooden Blessings and Wishes Board
DIY Retro Typewriter Guest Book
DIY Wooden Family Altar
DIY Antique Candles in Birdcages
DIY Creative Olive Fruit Fall Flower Chuppah
DIY Stunning Rose-studded Chuppah
DIY Vintage Hanging Plants
DIY Vintage Firepit Lounge
DIY Vintage Relaxing Nook
DIY Sweet Fun Refreshments
DIY Retro Chalkboard Menu
DIY Funny Flower-draped Dog Leash
DIY Wedding Decor with Unique Parasols
DIY Vintage Family Photo Showcase
DIY Rustic Wooden Flower Girl Sign
DIY Luxurious String Lights
DIY Vintage Candle-studded Tree Stumps
FuDIY Coloring and Activity Book
DIY Unique Bride and Groom Chairs
DIY Fresh Cocktail Infusion Bar

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