Flower Girls as the Symbol of Purity and Virginity

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Have ever you seen the flower girls in a wedding? They are beautiful and cute, aren’t they? A flower girl is a young girl carrying some flowers in a procession.

Technically they can appear in a various processions and events. But most people associate them specifically with weddings. At times, they can also be seen at parades to honor regional beauty queens or other community celebrities.

Flower Girl
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These girls and young women are the symbols of purity, virginity and youth. They have been in processions for centuries. The girls who become the flower girls are usually under 10. This little girl becomes the symbol of childhood and youth.

Cute Flower GrilsCourtesy of Fattie Pie

In the case of wedding, a wedding flower girl will walk ahead of the bride. In a wedding, the flower girls usually wear white dresses to accentuate their youth. Actually they may also wear colored sashes or other decorations to coordinate with the rest of the procession.

Flower girls come with different duties in an event. There are some flower girls who carry flowers and others give out flowers to the crowd and the guests.

Adorable Flower GirlsCourtesy of Bride and Breakfast

In a wedding, the flower girls’ duty is to scatter flowers and petals down the aisle so that the bride walks along a carpet of flowers. The flowers having a symbolic meaning and a pleasant scent like roses are usually chosen for the flower girl.

The flower girls are usually from the family members of the brides or the children of friends. For the brides who want to honor several friends, they will have multiple flower girls. Multiple flower girls are very common to appear in a very formal wedding.

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