How to Get Smokey Eyes Makeup in No Time

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What is the thing that you can do to make yourself look desirable, attractive and seductive? Smokey eyes makeup has been a big style for quite awhile and there is no sign this particular trend is dying.

Smokey eye wedding makeup will be always fashionable for along time and will probably be around for along time to come.

Smoky eyes style has also been prevalent since long and here are no chances of it being obsolete. You will look awesome with this kind of makeup.

Smokey Eyes Make-up

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Here are some simple and easy tips to follow to create smoky eye make up in as little as five minutes. Proper blending is the key to the perfect smokey eyes. You will need to ensure that your colors are blended correctly.

Another smoky eye make up tip which is also one of the most eye shadow make up tips is to pair light colors with dark colors. Some typical mixes includes peach base with green hue, soft gold base with deep purple on top and champagne base with bright blue.

Preparing your eye lid is the first step to do for smokey eye make-up. For this step you will need to make sure that your eye shadow does not melt into the crease of your eyelid. And you will need to start with an eye shadow base.

The next step is to apply your eyeliner. If you want to have a black, brown, or gray smokey eye makeup, you will need to apply eyeliner in one of those colors just above the upper eyelash line. Then you will to make the line thicker in the middle of the eye.

The key to smoky eye make up is creating color on the bottom lashes. Here, you will need to use a lighter eyeliner. Once it is applied you will need to smudge this for your smokey effect. Then you will need to apply a light base color to your eyelids. You should apply this over the eyelids to your brow bone.

The next step to do is to blend in a darker color. The color you choose will need to be kept below the crease of the eyelid.

The next thing you need to do is creating your smoky look after you have done the step above. In order to do this you will need a darker eye shadow color.

Use your eye shadow brush and start blending in the color starting at your lash line and blending upwards. Then you should to convince to blend the color into the lash line so that the eye liner disappears. Once you’ve reached the crease in your eyelids, you need to stop the darker color.

The last step to do is to double check what you have done, and to make sure that both eyes match. If you need to blend some more colors, this can be done using a Q-tip. And finishing your smokey eye makeup look with several coats of mascara.

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