Simple and Unique Butterfly Wedding Ideas

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Butterflies, with their light and airy way of flying, evoke feelings of happiness, light, joy, and springtime. Incorporating butterflies into your wedding is a great way to incorporate these emotions into your decorations and the overall feel of your wedding.

Or perhaps you prefer the symbolism of metamorphosis from the old life to the new that the butterfly represents. For whatever reasons, butterflies are a beautiful choice to add to a spring or summer wedding ceremony. Here are some butterfly wedding ideas for your unique wedding.

Cute Baby Butterfly

Butterfly Wedding Ideas for Your Unique Wedding Theme

Part of the beauty of butterflies is the fact you can add as much or as little to your wedding as you wish. For a subtle hint of butterfly beauty, add white or glittery appliqués to your wedding dress or veil.

Silk butterfly picks can be added to you and your bridesmaid’s bouquets or attached to ribbons trailing from the flowers. Or what about using small butterflies added to the groomsman’s boutonnières?

If your wedding colors are very specific, see if you can find a butterfly species that matches your colors and focus on adding that particular butterfly to your attire and decorations. Don’t forget your garter when you brainstorm for places to add butterflies.

Butterfly Wedding Dress with Open Back

Adding Butterfly Into Your Flowers and Decorations

Since butterflies are synonymous linked with flowers, adding butterflies into your wedding flowers is a natural decorating choice that can add an understated elegance to your wedding.

Potted plants or flowers with butterfly picks added to them make simple yet stunning centerpieces.

Or you can find butterfly shaped floating candles, confetti, or butterflies made from pretty scrapbook paper attached with ribbon to pillar candles.

Floral garlands, either real or silk, are a lovely decoration choice for spring and summer weddings, and butterflies can easily be added to a garland in many shapes and sizes to complement your flowers and give the feeling of an outdoor garden to any space.

Butterflies can be added to the center of bows to decorate pews, or strategically placed on floral balls for multi-dimensional visual impact.

Another idea a wedding planner friend of mine tried is to decorate each table at the reception for a specific butterfly. For example, the well-known monarch butterfly would get yellow and black accents on their table with milkweed plants and monarch butterflies perched on everything.

Butterfly White Wedding Dress

Butterfly Wedding Favors

Butterfly wedding favors are fairly simple and straightforward to find. Soaps, chocolates, or cookies can all be found in the shape of butterflies or you can add butterfly stickers to make almost anything fit within your theme.

Flower seeds or plants are another clever choice to signify the new beginnings of your wedding. Small blank envelopes are perfect to personalize with seeds and a thank you message to your guests.

Paper Butterfly Wedding Decor Ideas

Of course, if you are considering a butterfly wedding you should consider releasing a swarm of butterflies instead of the traditional rice or bubbles. What better way to end your beautiful wedding ceremony than with the light, colorful flight of a variety of butterflies.