Top 4 Wedding Decoration Themes Easily Make for Cheap

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One of the most problematic parts of preparing a wedding is the wedding decorations. If you are planning out your wedding already then you are perhaps a do-it-yourself type of person. You will want to find ways to make your own wedding decorations for cheap. Though, you don’t want them to look cheap. Below is a collection of different interesting ideas of top wedding decoration themes.

Wedding Decoration Themes Using Balloons

When finished wisely balloons can be a pleasing decoration for a wedding. They set a light and festive attitude for the guests and are yet very elegant looking. Characteristically, you will desire to stick with white and pale or pastel types of colors for the balloons.

elegant wedding balloon decor

You might desire to plan the balloons to go with the colors or theme of your wedding and even the bridesmaid dresses. Remember that this does not have to be a precise match of colors but you want colors in a similar choice. Therefore, if the bridesmaid dresses are a dark purple then you will want the balloons to be in a choice of purple colors.

Another great advantage of utilizing balloons for as part of the wedding decorations is, they can straightforwardly be taken from the church to the wedding reception. In actual fact, if you really want to save money while still having classy look you can easily do a large balloon arch at the wedding.

After that, you can break the arch down into smaller pieces or groups of five or six balloons and then you can make these into table centerpiece for the reception. It comes with one piece of advice though. If you are the bride and groom don’t try to take the arch down yourself, instead recruit the help of a few friends.

Wedding Decorations Using Flower

Of course, everyone has seen the flower as part of a wedding decoration. This is honestly nothing new. However, many people really like a more traditional look and something more timeless then the light and fun environment created by balloons. In that case flowers are the way to go. You can easily by flowers in bulk from a local florist or even a grower and then make your decorations including table centerpieces, decorations for the pews and alter and so on a day or so ahead.

wedding decor using flowers

This will be a little more expensive typically then balloons but the mood that it sets in the chapel or church and again at the reception is well worth it. Again, if you plan ahead some of the decorations from the church can be broken down into small pieces and then used as table decorations.

Wedding Decoration and Pictures

Pictures are a wonderful way to really add to the decorations both at the church and the reception. Often the wedding guests have not sent he bride and groom for a while and seeing updated and recent pictures of the couple together can be a nice touch. It makes those long-lost cousins and relatives feel like they have shared a part of your life. It does not take much but a few well-placed large pictures of the bride and groom can really add a lot.

wedding decor with pictures

You will most likely want to vary the pictures, poses and setting that the pictures were taken in. it is nice to mix both formal pictures with fun family photos also. This gives the guests a real feel of sharing in your life. Once again pictures are an easy decoration that can be used again at the reception. In fact, you might not feel comfortable using the pictures at the actual wedding and if that is the case don’t worry just use the pictures as wedding reception decorations.

Butterfly Wedding Decoration Theme

A trend that has been growing for many modern weddings is a butterfly release. Instead of throwing the traditional rice a release of butterflies as the new couple exists the church can be a wonderful and classy touch. The butterflies will make for wonderful wedding pictures, this is harmless to the environment and it creates a beautiful display of color. You might want to pick up on the butterfly theme even more and use butterflies and butterfly graphics in decoration the reception room.

butterfly wedding decor

There are a ton of places online and in local craft stores that you can find all kinds of great butterfly resources to use for decorating a reception hall. For example, napkin rings with butterflies in them can easily carry the theme. It is often just a light touch and a few nice quality pieces are all that is need to carry a theme.

These are just a few of the fun ideas that you can use to make your own wedding decorations for much cheaper than buying them. Often if you search around the internet for wholesale or discount wedding decorations you can find great deals on things.

By being creative and putting in a little elbow grease yourself you can easily save a ton of money and have a completely original wedding. Unique wedding decoration themes really add the extra touch of class that everyone will rave about for a long time to come.