Bridal Accessories Going Harmoniously with Hairstyles

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bridal updo hairstyle with pendant earrings

Bridal accessories such as necklace, earrings, and tiara must go nicely with your wedding gown or dress, hairstyles, and the shape of face. By so doing, they will really give something beautiful and meaningful to the outlook of a bride. The accessories will make the bride look so gorgeous in front of the guests and visitors in the wedding moment. And now, what is the style of your hair and what wedding accessories are you going to wear to match with your hairstyle? If you like updo hairstyle without tiara, earrings with pendant or chandelier as the accessories will act as a strong attention for you.

updo bridal hairstyle with necklace

bridal wedding hairstyle with tiara

Your face shape also determines what the most appropriate type of earrings for you is. For a bride having a square face will look more attractive with elongated earrings, while the earrings with a vertical line will be very matching when worn by a bride with a round face shape. If your face shape resembles a heart shape, try to wear pendant earrings which is wider at the bottom, while the oval face shape is very proper to go with all kinds of earrings models.

updos bridal hairstyle with earrings necklace
long black hairstyle with bridal tiara

If you are going to wear a tiara, make your tiara as a focal point by wearing other more simple accessories. Tiny pearl earrings and a strand of silver chain with pearl and crystal pendant will adorn your beauty sufficiently. Some brides choose not to wear a necklace when they use a tiara.

bridal high updo hairstyle with necklace

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