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From many bridal accessories, tiara which is known as the “princess of headpieces” will give the most impressive effect for the bride if worn rightly.

Tiaras are very stunning and fantastic to go with any gown, from a simple sheath style to a ball gown style.

They are adorned with pearls, rhinestones, crystals, and more. You can wear tiaras with or without veil. They also compliment up-swept hairstyles as well as shorter hairstyles.

To get the prettiest effect of wearing tiaras, knowing the face shape of yours is really decisive.

Wearing tiara should draw attention to your face, not draw attention away from it. You don’t want your face to look long and thin or too short and full and make it a little bit funny even weird by wearing the wrong tiara, do you?

For a bride having round face, choose a tiara with some height or one that has a peak will make the face appear longer.

Tiaras with little or no height that extend over the head from one side to the other at an even height are very suitable with long face.

For oval face, you have to avoid pieces with a peak at the top, which will make your face appear longer. To make your face appear less oval, wearing a headband, forehead piece, or a back piece will be helpful.

Wearing tiara that peaks into a “V” at the top, will create the illusion of a longer face. It is recommended for those having full face.

Aquamarine and Dark Sapphire Bridal Tiara with Crystal
Beatrix Crystal Tiara
ivory pearl and crystal tiara with earrings

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