Sparkling Brooch for Bridal Accessories

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Alice asked my sister to find her some accessories to wear in her wedding day in the next couples of days. My sister suggested Alice to put on some earrings and bracelets she saw in the wedding shops.

Alice said she had some of them and she wished something different and special. At last, my sister gave her a brooch from silver and crystal. Alice liked it very much.

Accessorizing with a brooch is one way to add a little sparkle to your look. Some brides may choose to wear their brooch only at the reception, preferring to keep things simple for the ceremony; others may wear it the whole event. There is no need to limit yourself merely to brooches that attach to a gown.

Vintage Bridal Crystal Brooch Pin

Vintage Bridal Crystal Brooch Pin – Wedding brooch with art deco vintage inspired design at a super affordable price. Bold silhouette crafted with top quality Austrian crystals for a glamorous fashion statement. It is great for jacket or coat pin, lavish embellishment to bridal gown or wedding sash brooch.

Fancy Vintage Styled Crystal Brooch Pin

Fancy Vintage Styled Crystal Brooch Pin – This amazing brooch is added with Dream Elements. This curved design and sparkling created crystals bring a fashionable and dreamy feeling for people.

Austrian Crystal Wedding Flower Leaf Brooch

Austrian Crystal Wedding Flower Leaf Brooch – Pin on a chic clothing for casual style, on the lapel of an evening dress or high on the elegant shawl.

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