The Right Necklace Choice as the Complementary Accessory of a Bride

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bridal necklace jewelry pearl rhinestone

Besides ring, necklace also has an important part for the bride. But if it is not worn with the right neck-line, this jewelry will lose its bright no matter how beautiful it is. So, if you want your necklace to glow in the wedding day, you must match it with the neck-line of your wedding dress or gown.

woven pearl choker necklaceWoven Pearl Choker Necklace

If you choose tube-dress or strapless wedding dress, you must be very happy because this kind of dress which exposes much more on your shoulder and neck is so suitable with all kinds of necklace, from choker to chain. Off shoulder wedding dress will also go suitably with all kinds of necklace. Some wedding dresses have an angled and firm neck-line. For this type, the best necklace that you can wear is a necklace that is able to wreath your neck in a fit such as choker or princess.

y-drop necklaceClassic Y-drop Necklace

lariat necklaceUnique Lariat Necklace

If you choose a halter neck-line, a necklace with unique lion-tine will be very attractive. Y-drop or lariat necklace will also be suitable to go with a wedding gown having a V-neckline. If you are going to wear a wedding gown with an asymmetric neckline, a necklace is not a right choice. It is better to wear other jewelries like earrings, tiara or crown.

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