These 28 Savory Wedding Desserts Will Make Your Vegan Guests So Thankful

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Sustainable marriages are extraordinary. All of this is talking about leading a lifestyle that cares for a friendly environment. Then you seriously show it on your wedding day. We continue to spread and share useful and cool ideas for weddings like those. Today we have and want to show you some nutritious and certainly delicious vegan wedding desserts for you.

These foods are vegan. You will find that many of them are gluten and milk free. Some of them are also paleo. Hence, you will surely get and enjoy desserts that have a low calorie content and certainly remain delicious. These foods will not only satisfy vegans but also carnivore guests. Look at these ideas!

Vegan Cupcakes

Cupcake is a classic dessert that guests will always look for and like at any wedding or party. Choose vegan cupcakes like vanilla, chocolate, bananas, strawberries, carrots, and many other choices. A gluten-free and milk vegan cupcake combined with fresh fruits that are topped with edible flower petals and berries is all you need for a cool dessert table. These foods can function as nice centerpieces in your wedding venue as well.

Tarts and Cups

Tarts are the perfect dessert. There are many choices of vegans that are beautified with many kinds of fruits and some are even presented with vegan chocolate ganache. All of these are pleasant delight that are served without dairy products, gluten, peanuts, and soft flavors.

Various edible cups are also really enjoyed and welcomed. This can be loaded with vegan mousse, with custard or even just filled with fresh fruits.

Vegan Lemon Tarts
Vegan Lemon Tarts

Mousse and Pudding

For those of you who want soft and tasty desserts, you can consider pudding, mousse and parfaits. Other possibilities are panna cotta and crème brule. Mousse, panna cotta, and parfait are options that can be truly vegan. They are also very delicious when served with beans and fruits. Even serving them with homemade cakes will give you a different taste.

Other Options

What other choices can you present to your guests? Of course, you still have many choices. Next I will mention a few other ideas. Examples are vegan chocolates, brownies, various cakes, pie pops, macaroons, gift bars and even cheese cakes with many delicious choices. Decide your favorite and make your guests happy and thank you because you have served delicious desserts. And all are vegan and guilt-free!

With these vegan wedding desserts served nicely in your party wedding tables will surely become the biggest attention of your beloved vegan friends. They would feel appreciative and honored with all you’ve done to serve them. You can really create a memorable wedding experience for them. These vegan wedding dessert ideas are taken from Weddingomania.

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