Top Ten of Most Popular Wedding Flowers

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While every bride wants her wedding bouquet and other flowers to be unique, some flowers are consistently popular. Knowing what these flowers are and why they’re a top choice for wedding flowers will help you plan your wedding floral arrangements to be unique and beautiful.

With all of these factors in mind, there are still many different flowers that are most popular for weddings. The top choices for wedding flowers include:

red rose wedding flowers

red rose wedding flowers

1. Rose: No other flower is as popular for weddings as the rose. With a wide range of sizes and colors available, this fragrant bloom is symbolic of love and passion, making it doubly popular for weddings.

purple orange tulip wedding flowerspurple orange tulip wedding flowers

2. Tulip: A beautiful spring bloom that is easily cultivated, the tulip is a sophisticated and sweet choice for weddings. Tulips symbolize happiness and also come in a range of colors and styles, giving brides many options for floral personalization.

silk calla lily wedding flowerssilk calla lily wedding flowers

3. Calla Lily: Brides interested in an elegant, sophisticated flower can’t fail with the calla lily. The smooth curves of the blooms are feminine and romantic, and these flowers are available in many sizes and colors.

blue hydrangea wedding flowersblue hydrangea wedding flowers

4. Hydrangea: These full, bushy blooms are an economical and fun choice for wedding flowers. Available in green, pink, white, burgundy, and blue shades, they are a great option for full bouquets or filler flowers.

white orchid wedding flowerswhite orchid wedding flowers

5. Orchids: An exotic yet still obtainable choice, orchids are a lovely wedding flower that can add a colorful, tropical touch to any bouquet or floral arrangement.

stephanotis wedding flowersstephanotis wedding flowers

6. Stephanotis: This star shaped flower is a petite accent that adds a flirtatious touch to any wedding bouquet, and is perfectly suitable as a central bloom for simple bouquets or as filler for larger arrangements.

white daisy wedding flowerswhite daisy wedding flowers

7. Daisy: The sweet innocence of a daisy is perfect for a casual garden wedding in the spring or summer. These are affordable, easy to find flowers with a wide range of colors and sizes to choose from.

gardenia wedding flowersgardenia wedding flowers

8. Gardenia: While these are more delicate blooms, their rich scent is attractive without being overpowering, and the soft curves of their petals make them a wedding favorite.

summer pink peony wedding flowerssummer pink peony wedding flowers

9. Peony: These large, full blooms are a bit more expensive than other wedding flowers, but because of their size they can be more affordable in the end since fewer blooms are needed. They also have a strong fragrance that is sweet and alluring.

ranunculus wedding flowersranunculus wedding flowers

10. Ranunculus: Large and layered, these mildly scented flowers come in bold shades of white, yellow, orange, and pink, and can be an unusual alternative to roses.

Whether a bride is interested in a simple bouquet with one type of flower or if she prefers a mixed bouquet with different blooms, knowing the most popular choices is a great way to begin imagining her perfect wedding flowers.[via]

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